Our Services

You as a customer are individual and so are your challenges.

We analyse and define your challenges and goals together with you. We then develop individual plans to master your challenges and strategies to achieve your goals. We are also happy to provide you with executive support.

Our services in the following areas form the foundation of a business development.

Information Desk

The following situations are examples where we can help you: The following situations are examples where we can help you:

Are you interested in expanding your business in China or in Germany and want to learn more about development opportunities and potential partners?

According to your industry, we give you the internal requirements and the scope of interests in China/Germany and can possibly also convey potential business partners.

Are you interested in working with a Chinese/German partner and would like to know more about its background in order to have more security for your business?

Thanks to our large network and various access to information, we may be able to do more thorough research for you than what well-known search engines provide.

Are you looking for a suitable location in China that suits your requirements?

We have good geographical, climatic, political and economic knowledge of various regions in China and we can help you with your choice of location.

We will also gladly help you with other information requests.

Making Contact

Have you already found one or more potential business partners and would now like to make a first contact in order to introduce your company and discuss possible cooperation?

A language barrier can be exhausting and cause misunderstandings. Even though English is a world language, it can still be a small threshold for both sides, which can be exhausting for a longer discussion and especially for more complicated topics.
We offer correspondence in both mother tongues so that the first contact feels like home for both sides. A pleasant feeling is known to be a good foundation for the first contact.


Have you chosen a business partner and would now like to negotiate your terms and conditions for cooperation?

Despite the desire for a fair business negotiation, both sides still want to see their own interests in the foreground. On top of that, the language barrier adds up to a stress factor that can be destructive to fair negotiation. Negotiation in the respective mother tongue, as well as the correct intercultural dealing with each other, can have a relaxing effect on the situation. We are happy to help and make sure that your contract terms are benevolently enforced.

Transfer and Care

When transferring the project or goods, we are happy to help, to give you and all involved a familiar feeling. We are also happy to assist with interpreting or intercultural mediation.

Legal and Tax Position

Other countries – other laws. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and in accordance with the law, our German and Chinese lawyers check the legal situation for your project and point out important tax issues in the respective country.


In such a large, densely populated country like China, there are countless opportunities and providers that match your search. But only a few are represented on the internet in German or English. Thus, the field of your search is limited, which gives the remaining known providers the opportunity to set higher prices or stricter conditions.
Thanks to our good business network in China, we can negotiate special prices for you and achieve the best price-performance ratio for you.

There is also great potential for buying in Germany. Often these still have to be found or negotiated. As a German-based company, we have good access to the German market and can use it to help you with your search.


Are you interested in selling your product to China/Germany and are looking for a suitable buyer?

We are happy to help you with the search and navigate the trade for you. On request, we also accompany you during the transfer.